2013 = I Can Do This

I was going to make a post on January 1st filled to the brim with all of my New Year’s Weight Loss resolutions. And do you see a post? Hell, no.
So here’s the thing about me. I’m either really revved up, or I’m indifferent. I’ve been indifferent for a while (as evidenced by my lack of commitment).

I packed my gym bag and put it in the truck. I’ll pack a snack bag in the morning and have a team lunch tomorrow at work. I plan to order some grilled chicken or a salad. I’ll drink nothing but water or unsweetened tea tomorrow.

Part of me is like, “You got this, girl. Get your ass back in gear and get it done” and the other part of me is like, “I feel like I need to take a giant shit and then someone needs to hand me a cookie”. No joke. And the part about taking a shit? That’s not a joke either. I feel packed full of shit. Like, my stomach is bloated and heavy and I shit at least twice today and I bet it was at least a pound of shit that I left in the bowl. Oh, you’re too delicate to hear about shit? Well, here’s something else about me you may not know…I’m really really frank about bodily functions and will be talking about shit. Deal.

I decided to take a photo of myself being all determined. Here it is. I’m also setting a goal for this year to lose 60 pounds. Yes, that’s conservative. I will also set a mini goal to lose 10 pounds by February 28. That’s 5 weeks. I can do that.

Here’s to me, in whatever capacity I am.

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