Stop Smoking Now! Tips to Help Yourself Quit Smoking!

I quit smoking. Because, like, how can you get serious about getting your health in order if you are still inhaling hundreds of times a week? I quit 4 days ago and I am still having cravings like crazy. I could have crawled out of my skin on Monday or eaten an entire jet airplane but so far, I’m making it and I’m not really all that cranky.

These are some things I’ve done to help myself quit smoking forever:

* Keep gum on-hand. Chew it often (or, like me, constantly) to keep your mouth occupied.

* Drink more water than you have ever drank in your life. Drink a glass as soon as you get up and another right before bed. Drink it all day long. It will help get the nicotine out of your body quicker and it will make you feel full. Also won’t hurt in helping keep your skin clear while the last of the cigarette chemicals work their way out of your body.

* Clean out your car or smoking area. If you smoke in your house, open the windows and get the smell out. Dump ashtrays and throw away any smoking-related paraphernalia like ashtrays or lighters.

* Know your triggers. If you like to smoke while driving or after eating, be ready for the cravings and have a plan for what to do about them.

* Tell everyone you quit. Accountability is awesome!

* If you must, get a vapor cigarette like Blu. Do not get the cartridge with nicotine in them, that defeats the purpose! Get cartridges that are water vapor only, and puff if you must! These can be great for social situations where you might want to inhale a little puff to go with a cocktail.

I am very glad I quit. This will be my last “last time”!

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