Yadda Yadda, LTNS and WEEEE!

starburtstwweeeeOk, so here’s the deal, I hopped off the wagon and back on again and back off again and back on again a few times over the past few months. Not because I felt unmotivated, but because my life has been so incredibly busy for the last 6 months that I find myself cramming stuff into my piehole without really thinking about it a lot of the time.

Yeah, yeah, that’s no excuse and all because every bite is a choice but have you ever had a schedule so packed full that you stopped making choices and just rode on autopilot for a while? Yeah, cest moi for the last little bit :)

Before I go on and on about all of the reasons I was off the wagon, let me say that this piece of writing is not meant as an exercise in excuse-making but more of a way to place-mark what I need to work on.
So, my Pops is dying. He’s been really sick for a long time and has been refusing treatment and it’s been mentally tough and draining to my heart and soul. You don’t really expect to be under 40 and worry about your parent but that’s where I’m at and right now, I’m ok with all of it.
I’ve cried a lot and raged a lot and begged him to get help for his Cancer but he’s an old rebel and will pull a Frank Sinatra and do it his way. I have to respect that on a lot of levels but I sure do wish he’d fight.

My job has been crazy. My websites have been crazy. I have my yearly biggo party coming up and several other massive projects that are zapping my time and energy. And in between all of that, my love and I are working on our home and acreage, hosting friends and attending parties, traveling, and basically trying not to lose our minds! LOL

Somewhere in all of that, I stopped paying attention to food and here I am, 3 months later with my knees hurting and needing to recommit to my plan.

So today I did!

I went to the gym for an hour and hauled ass on the treadmill and rode the bike. I’m already sore and expect to be hunched up tomorrow but it’s a good hurt…and one that is welcomed back like an old friend.

The juicer is up in the cabinet. It was a semi-success but I didnt realize that you can’t just throw a bunch of crap in the juicer and it will come out tasting amazing. That’s not how it works. Recipes – you have to use recipes!! And pears! Pears are amazing in the juicer.

My plan for now is to hit the gym (on my broken foot, even!) 3 – 4 days a week and to have little to no carbs with dinner. Sensible breakfast, sensible lunch, and the occasional snack or full-on cake fest. I know myself, I’m not a tee-totaler and won’t be able to give up yummy shit without being pissy so I’ll moderate. That has always worked best for me.

Today, I had a lemon yogurt for breakfast, a salad for lunch, a turkey-dog and broccoli for dinner and a 1/2 a piece of cake that a coworker brought to me. I should have said ‘no’ to the cake but it was her birthday and she specifically brought me a piece. I took some bites and enjoyed it and I don’t regret it. I consider today a super victory for being able to recommit both in my head and my heart to getting my body back on track. I plan to eat healthy again tomorrow and will hit the gym again :)

Oh, and by the way, the song “Try” by Pink is an excellent motivator!!

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