90 Days Later and I’m STILL a Non-Smoker!

smoke Yep, you read it right! It’s been a little over 3 months and I still haven’t smoked! I have certainly wanted to and have even had those nasty cigarette dreams where I’m smoking on accident and I wake up all anxiefied about “OMG, did I smoke or didn’t I?”

I have taken up vaping a nicotine-free water vapor but even that I’m doing with only semi-habit. (not more than a couple of times a week). I miss smoking. Especially in the car and after meals but I do NOT miss being winded and I do NOT miss waking up coughing.

I’ve been drinking tons of water lately and have cut Diet Cokes out of my diet once again. I feel really determined to get this detox done and get back on track with working out. Oh, and they just made the gym at work FREE which leaves me no excuse not to get out there and at LEAST walk after work!

In short, this is a wEEEEEE!!!

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