Bathroom Talk – Skip This Post If Poo-Talk Bothers You!

I need to poop. Really bad. I am backed up! Stuck! Constipated! Full of doo doo!

I have apparently not been drinking enough water and my exercise stoppage has literally caused a stoppage in my nether-regions. I don’t like this feeling! I feel sluggish and tired and full of toxins! EWWW!

I looked around on the net a little bit and found several articles related to pooping. Apparently it is healthy to go at least once a day if not several times a day. There was also at least one article that talked about how exercise will help keep you regular. All I know is that if not drinking enough water and not moving enough means I am praying for a poop-a-thon, I will definitely be stepping up my water and movement this week.

The honeybunz and I have a little trip planned in the morning. We are heading to the Las Vegas of the Ozarks: Branson, Missouri. I am really going to try to stay on plan while there and think we will be walking a lot so this might be a positive thing. (and will hopefully get the poop rolling!)


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