Brain Debris

Stuff that’s on my mind:

* I bought an exercise ball. It’s an Everlast balance ball and is kinda pink and purple. Got it for a great price at TJ MAXX and took it out of the box today and blew it up. It’s not as big as I expected and I’m worried if it will hold my weight or if I will end up in a pile of exploded rubber on the floor. We’ll see.

* I cleaned house today but did not work out. I wanted to work out but my stomach is having some weird gassy issues and I feel like I swallowed a live bear. It’s not pleasant.

* McDonald’s Southwest Chicken Salads are great except for the bazillion corn chips piled on top. The dressing is very good too and the chicken is good but the corn chips kill it. CORN CHIPS do NOT go on salad. You might as well put a piece of pizza on the salad and call it an “Italian” salad. It’s not diet food if you pile a bunch of junk on it, people!

* I’m pissy, can you tell? I think the 2lb gain has really gotten into my marrow more than I wanted it to. I know I’ll get back on track and work it off but damn, it’s my fault and there is nobody to blame it on but me.

* Less junky sugarless tea in cans and more water.


That is all.

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