Diet Pill = Magic Success, But at What Price?

I saw another news article this morning about some new magical diet pill that some drug company in Canada is trying to get FDA approval on here.

I dunno, I always wrinkle my nose a bit at diet pill ads and propaganda. The diet pill industry is a multi-million dollar a year industry mainly because a lot of people are desperate to lose weight. But what is the cost?

Remember that one diet pill that caused “anal leakage”. I can’t remember the name off-hand but it was a fat inhibitor or at least stopped our body from absorbing as much fat from our food. Well, the fat had to go somewhere so people were complaining that their sweat was starting to turn orange and that orange shit was seeping out of their butts. Yanno, I just don’t want to be thin that bad as to put up with shit leaking out of my ass.

That particular side effect is funny but remember Phen-Fen? Yeah, not so funny. My step-mother was on that drug combo back in the 90s when it first came out and people were going crazy with “success” stories. It took about a year or two for people to start having issues and unfortunately, my step-mom was one of them. Permanent heart damage is no joke, y’all.

The moral of the story is that diet pills aren’t good. Stick to what we know works: diet and exercise. WOOT.

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