Down-home Detox Food Plan!

So anyone who read my post yesterday (or was it the day before) knows that I’ve been on a heavy slide of eating tons of processed foods, snacking like crazy, smoking, and consuming alcohol. Don’t get me wrong, I just started smoking again 3 weeks ago and the alcohol I consumed was during a party that happens once a year. I rarely drink other than that and NEVER smoke.

Part of my “slow slide” back to recommitment was to get back on my track of eating more whole foods, more fiber, and drinking more water. Today, I have failed in the water department but will fill myself a glass of the crystal clear goodness as soon as this post is over. I have plans to start incorporating more whole foods back into my diet and will start with the meal I currently have in the crock pot!

My plan for the down home detox is as follows:

* Quit smoking

* Drink more water

* Cut out all carbonated beverages (again, ugh!)

* Eat way less processed food

* Eat more fiber

* Cut way back on the alcohol


The last one will be the easiest since I drink maybe 3 times a year. The smoking plan is to quit in a week or two when I’m feeling fully committed to it. Cutting out the carbonated beverages will be hard but I know I have to because I don’t want to get addicted to aspartame again. If you have never come down from aspartame addiction, trust me, it fucking SUCKS!

My meal tonight will be chicken with brown rice and a bag of steamed veggies.


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