Fat Discrimination = Ignorance and Fatphobia

This is an article in Time magazine about why being fat could mean a lower salary for you at your job:



I’ve read articles like this over and over that talk about how being fat gives people the perception that you are “lazy”, “sloppy”, or “stupid”. I mean, basically they are saying that other people are ignorant. Ok, I get that, but what happens when fat people perpetuate their own fatphobia?

Sometimes it means that fat people sit around judging other fat people. Have you ever walked into a room and looked around to see if you are the fattest person there? I have. That’s because nobody *wants* to be the “fattest person there” generally because it means you are the “laziest, stupidest, sloppiest”, etc. etc. That is fatphobia. It is also buying into a ridiculous hierarchy where people are valued based on their size. Smaller being “more” valuable and larger being less.

We have to get a grip on that from the inside. As a fat person, I really should never look at another fat person and pass judgment. I should also check myself when I start engaging in negative self-talk like “I’m fat so nobody will ever love me” or “I’m too fat to do x, y, z” or wear what I want. Those messages are ingrained from society and not “THE TRUTH”.

Basically, we have to find out what our truth is no matter our size. Notice I didn’t say “in spite of” our size because I might be one of those rare individuals who no longer views size as a detriment.

I’m fat. I might always be fat even though I’m working toward a healthier body. Even if I never lost another pound, I’d be happy being me. Why? Because I’m gorgeous, I’m intelligent, and I’m bad ass enough to think for myself.

That means I rock! And you do too!

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