Gaining Sucks!!!

EEK! I just did my weekly weigh in and noted a 2-pound gain this week. Now would be a prime time for me to do some self-loathing and then go on a massive binge but I wont do that because I expected the gain.

This week was a week of eating out too many times, too little exercise, and WAY too many Fuze drinks. Couple that with my lady time being right around the corner and I guess I wasn’t surprised one bit when I jumped on the scales this morning.

I will not beat myself up about it, but instead will re-dedicate my activities this week and work for a better outcome next week. Gaining every now and then is part of losing! Even when it sucks, it’s important not to let one tiny, TINY setback ruin weeks worth of progress.

Things I will do differently this week:

Drink more water

Get in more workouts

Eat out less

Drink less Fuze (even though it’s only got 15 calories per bottle, I don’t want to get into the bad habit of substituting it for water)


For now, I’ll move forward with positivity!

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