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Oh Bloggy, how I have neglected you!

Let’s get back to basics you and me! So, I recently joined a gym here in town. It’s a state-of-the-art health and fitness center that has a great gym area, a pool, raquetball courts, fitness rooms, and loads of classes. I have been going with some folks from work and finding that I really enjoy hitting the treadmill and bouncing around on the free weights.

I have lost a few pounds since joining but I am not following my food routine like I was mainly due to work stress and being lazy. I tend to get lazy about every 2 months and get “food fatigue” from eating the same things over and over. Creature of habit, I am!

I am still doing a loose version of Weight Watchers but am recommitting to tracking my food every day because I clearly need to get back into the downhill slide rather than losing 2 pounds a month. I am happy with that loss, don’t get me wrong, but I’d like to escalate the loss into 5 – 7 pounds a month. Still reasonable and doable, but more aggressive you see!

My work stuff is changing pretty soon so I will have more time to focus on health thanks to a reduced workload and some shifting around of my responsibilities. I will be going from 70-hour work weeks down to 45 and can’t WAIT to be a normal person again!

I did run out and get myself some new workout clothes and will be doing a blog on where to find appropriate gym gear for fatties next because seriously, it’s like retailers think that fat people don’t work out or something because finding yoga pants in a 4x is damn near impossible.

Hope you all are sticking to your plan!


Much Love!


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