Insanity Workout Review

I am still thinking about whether or not I want to do the Insanity workout but I keep reading reviews online about how sore people are in the days after the workout.

I found this review online from a guy who had done it for a couple of days:

Looks like people keep talking about how bad their abs hurt and have even said that they could “barely move” or that they had to call in to work. I mean, I do want to get in shape but I keep wondering how good the Insanity Workout can be for your body if you can barely move in the days after doing it.

I think I’ll keep going to the gym like I have been and just keep the pace slow and steady. I’m not interested in shredding my abs or tearing my hamstrings even if those workouts purport to produce amazing results for super fast weight loss. I would still be happy to keep toning up rather than losing weight fast at this point anyway.

My stamina is better. My breathing is better. I am sleeping better and harder at night so clearly I am doing something right! :)

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