Qsymia – New Weight Loss Drug Approved by FDA

I’ll be right up front and say I am not a fan of diet pills. In any circumstance. Ever.

I think diet pills are mostly dangerous and have shitty side effects that are not worth the risk. Besides, I’ve never wanted to be skinny so bad that I am willing to damage my heart valves or shit my pants to make it happen.

Remember the big phen-fen craze of the 90′s that left a wake of damaged hearts behind it? What about that one diet pill that caused “anal leakage”? Sorry, not worth it!

This new drug, Qsymia, is especially scary to me because it is, once again, a combination of Phentermine and another drug, Topiramate. Do you know what Topiramate is used for? It’s an anti-seizure medication.  Yeah, no thanks.

I get that there are some people desperate to lose weight but I don’t understand why there is such a drive to do it without effort. I have been on my plan for well over a year and have certainly experienced joys and sadness when I have plateaued or had weight losses. Never once have I considered taking the easy way out and shoving my face with pills.

Seriously not trying to sound self-riteous but it scares me for people already in an unhealthy pattern to continue that pattern by taking pills for weight loss rather than changing their lifestyle.


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