Saturday Morning Redux aka The Week of Scale-Coasting

What is scale-coasting you ask? Let’s just say it’s a combination of jumping on the scales repeatedly and feeling like you are riding a roller coaster with the ups and downs! I was so excited on Tuesday to be down to 284 but I weighed this morning again and am back up to 288. WTF?!

First, I know I need to stop obsessively weighing. It’s counterproductive  and stressful and I will go back to weighing every 2 weeks rather than every dang day. It does this weird thing in my head where I’m all “I must be retaining water” or “I shouldn’t have eaten that lasagna”. Truth is, I don’t need that head chatter.

I have only worked out once this week which is way less than my goal but I did do really well eating. I stayed mostly on plan except for the one unplanned dinner out with friends where I did consume the lowest calorie thing I could find on the menu. Today is going to be my challenge because Saturdays are usually my “be by yourself and binge” day because I am off of my schedule. I will not be doing that today :)

Today will be spent updating my blogs, preparing food, cleaning house, catching up on phone calls, and hopefully hitting the exercise bike for a ride!

Very appreciative of the readers and folks who have been contacting me to offer support!

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