Seven Days Strong, Watch Me Move Along!


Seven Days! That’s how long I’ve been steadily on track. I’ve gone to the gym 4 times in the last week. I’ve tracked my food every day. I’ve not cheated, snacked outside of what I planned, or made shitty decisions. That’s a huge win!

I’ve said this before but I’m repeating it, it is IMPERATIVE to track what you eat. Write it down. Put it into your phone. Use an app like “MyFitnessPal”. Whatever way you do it, make sure you are keeping track of what you eat, how much, what times, and even the calorie, fat, sodium, and carb count if you can. I can’t say enough good things about here. It truly has a nice iPhone interface and is super easy to navigate.

Tracking what I eat helps me stay on track in a couple of very important ways:

1. I have to actually weigh, measure, or count my food. Doing this means I am much more aware of portion sizes.

2. I have total accountability to myself for what I have eaten at the end of the day. No more telling myself I haven’t eaten all day simply because I forgot I crammed a piece of pizza in my face on the go at lunch.

The gym has also been a very positive thing for me. I have gone both with and without a gym buddy and find myself really enjoying time with my headphones and some music by Pink, Bruno Mars, and even Jay Z. What can I say? It’s good to find a beat and make your booty, booty, booty POP! WEEE!

I’m reaching out to friends and staying accountable. I’m asking for help when I need to. I’m remembering that it’s ok to have bad days. All of it puts me baby steps closer to my ultimate goal of being healthy once and for all. WOOT!

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