Skinny In The Head

I swear I am. Skinny in the head, that is.

I mean, I am a fat person who lives the active life of a person half my size. I wake up at the butt crack of dawn every morning and hit the ground running. I don’t have children but I make coffee, make my lunch, walk my dog, pick up the house, and am out the door by 8am on my way to my stressful-but-loved job in the Tech industry.

At work, I am super high energy and bounce from project to project, meeting to meeting with reckless abandon. I eat the lunch I bring for myself while click-clacking away at the keyboard and gabbing on the phone. I am a veritable OCTOPUS of a woman with 8 hands in every pile. At the end of the day, I either hit the gym or head home to work on one of my many “I Love It” projects like one of the 5 websites that I own or a hands-on project like re-organizing the office or closets.

I planted a garden recently. I dug up 3 huge bushes in the front yard. I am getting ready for a yard sale in 3 weeks by combing every drawer and closet for treasures.

I am on the go CONSTANTLY.

I move like a skinny person! RAWR!

The point of all of this is a self check-in where I tell myself “You move around a lot during the day but what about those 2 hours before you hit the sack?”

Because THAT, ladies and gents, is where the issue lay. Those 2 hours before bed when I either don’t have anything to do or am so exhausted that I can’t move are the time of day when the chocolate monster or chip fiend comes out.

This is about keeping it real. My binge time is 9pm. I’d like to see that time be put to better use so here is a list of things I am going to start trying to do instead:

* Read a book in bed with my dog

* Take a hot bath

* Groom myself by painting toenails or plucking eyebrows

* Chatting with friends on the phone or net

Etc. ETc.


All of these things would be infinitely more fufilling than eating hordes of grossness.


That is all.

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