Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

So, I have to make a confession!

I have gained 9 pounds! Or, should I say “had” gained 9 pounds.

A couple of weeks ago, I tippy-toed back to the scale after a long hiatus and gingerly sought out the number-signifier for what kind of damage I’ve done to my weight loss goal over the last 3 months of slacking.

9 pounds!

I was back up to 293 after having hit my low of 284. So, it was a setback but I truly wasn’t surprised. I had completely stopped tracking my food, stopped working out regularly, and started taking more lunches and dinners out with friends. Needless to say, I felt it in my clothes and saw it on the scale.

When I weighed in this morning, I was back down to 290. I’ve lost 3 pounds just this week with immediately getting back on my diet plan and hitting the gym.

I have another date with the gym tonight and have committed to bringing my lunch to work and ceasing the dinners out for at least the next few weeks. (besides, it was costing a LOT of money!)

This is where I remind myself and anyone reading that you will have setbacks. You will get lazy with your plan. You will sometimes go on week-long or even month-long cruises to “I don’t give a shits-ville”. And guess what? It’s OK!

Because we are human and shit happens!

The “win” for today is that I am acknowledging my slip up and getting right back on the pony. I can do this. And you can too!

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