Water! WATER! It’s a FLOOD!

Ok – We all know we have to drink lots of water while trying to lose weight….Wait, you didn’t know that? Ohhhh, you’ve been ignoring that!

Here’s the deal people – Water is essential to all of the physiological processes in our body. Without water, we can’t poop, pee, think or even BREATHE! We need it to keep our joints lubricated, to keep our skin supple, to keep our mouth from feeling like we chewed a ball of cotton for lunch.

Water is not as fun as Coke…or even Diet Coke. I GET IT! I really do! The very telling thing I have discovered is that water is actually quite tasty and refreshing once you get the sodas cleansed from your body. I’ve even had friends of mine tell me they can’t drink water because “it makes them gag”. Really? It’s water! It’s not a dead rat!

To make water fun, try some of the following things:

*drink it through a straw

*try it at different temperatures to see if it helps

*add a little lemon juice or zest

*drink from various bottles or squeezies to see if anything feels good to you

* add a drop of vanilla extract

*try a few sliced cucumbers in it


You can drink water! YES YOU CAN. And you must if you want the weight to fall off.

Since cutting all of the sodas from my diet I have noticed a significant change in my hair and nails. They are shinier, healthier, more hydrated. I even feel like my joints are happier.

The first glass of water starts with a small sip. You can do it!

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