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The "Getting Serious" To Do List for the Dieter

2013-01-19 06:25:24 admin

I hate the word “dieter” but I used it here so we can all be on the same page. I also sometimes hate the whole “I’m not dieting, I’m making a lifestyle change!” but I guess until I come up with better weight-loss catchphrases, I should just shut the hell up.

I was thinking earlier that if I’m going to get serious, I need to make a serious to-do list to help me get jump started. I’m apprehensive about this list because some of this is serious shit. EEK! I’m hoping I will get up in the morning and actually do some of these things:

1. Weigh, (I just weighed a week ago and made a commitment to only weigh every 2 weeks so it’s not time for me to weigh yet but YOU should weigh if you are going to get serious).

2. Make a plan for how often you want to weigh and then mark the calendar

3. Take measurements. A LOT of measurements. Check them once a month, no more.

4. Take a “before picture” or video. If you stick with your plan, you can keep taking photos along the way and see your own progress.

5. Join “myfitnesspal.com” or Weightwatchersonline or another site where you can track your progress. Or better yet, start a blog so you can do that AND the whole stream-of-conciousness thinking that needs to come with a serious change

I can’t think of anything else right now but I’ll add to it later if I think of it.

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Weigh-In. I Finally Weighed Myself After Saying Goodbye to the Scales.

2013-01-13 04:24:58 admin

Let’s get this out of the way right up front, because you want the number, right? 299.4

My number is 299.4. That’s exactly 15 pounds more than my lowest dieting weight and 34 pounds away from my highest weight. So, I felt surprised and a little giddy that I am not currently over the big Three Oh Oh. That’s a huge landmark for me and not one I will be revisiting.

I was expecting to be back to 333 in all honesty. Because I haven’t stepped on a scale in almost 4 months and I have basically been less than half-assed about the whole thing. The fact that I didn’t see the Three Oh Oh means that, mentally, I don’t need to have a pity party. Don’t get me wrong, 300 is not a terrible number and nothing bad would have happened to me if I had seen that number on the scale but I know in my head I would be processing it as a “no turning it around” zone for a bit (even though it’s totally not, and nothing more than another number).

I have been drinking a ton of water this week! Haven’t had ANY Diet Sodas until tonight and only as a celebration. I am having a Diet Root Beer (and I don’t even like root beer!) but it tastes good, albeit REALLY sweet, and I wanted it. I am also still a non-smoker! I also ate Lean Cuisines for lunch 2 days in a row and had a salad one afternoon. I also went out to eat one time this week and had a grilled chicken entree with a side of broccoli and grilled squash!

I call ALL of this a victory and it all puts me one rung higher on the ladder to my goal. WOOT!

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2012-07-04 18:58:48 admin

So, for anyone who has been hanging in there with me for the last year knows that I have kinda been lamenting how I gained several pounds back after hitting my personal low of 284 pounds. Well, this morning I decided to sneak a peek at the scales and was overwhelmed with joy to see that I am down to 284.4 which is exactly where I was 6 months ago when I started slacking and got on the up and down scales-train.In short: WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

This past week I have really stuck to my diet and worked out several times. It has apparently greatly paid off because the last time I weighed in I was at 292. This means I have lost almost 8 pounds this week! YAY!

I know I won’t lose this kind of weight every week or even close to that if I am staying true to my plan but I REALLY needed this kick-start so that I can get back on track and make the kind of progress I want to make. I had set a goal earlier this month to be down to 279 by the end of July. I think I can do it! That’s only 5 more pounds until the end of the month which means that I only need to lose about 1.5 pounds a week for the rest of the month. That’s nice and slow just like the recommendations say from every health book I have ever read.

I am also going to institute a new project and tab on this website and start doing weekly weigh-ins. I had planned to post photos of myself at some point but I am feeling a little apprehensive about that. Not ashamed of my body but there are a couple of mentally ill fools out there in the cybergalaxy…ahem…who would love to get their hands on something like that. Not saying I won’t post photos because I live by the mantra of “the truth can’t hurt me”. And you know what? My body is my truth, so if there are a couple of evil, ignorant, soul-less, spineless idiots out there rubbing their hands together, I don’t intend to live in fear of what they might do. The truth for them is they can spend their time filling their lives with acidity while I continue filling mine with healthy living.

I appreciate everyone who has been reading my posts and liking my page on Facebook! Please feel free to comment and I will try to respond to everyone who comments!




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