Weigh-In. I Finally Weighed Myself After Saying Goodbye to the Scales.

Let’s get this out of the way right up front, because you want the number, right? 299.4

My number is 299.4. That’s exactly 15 pounds more than my lowest dieting weight and 34 pounds away from my highest weight. So, I felt surprised and a little giddy that I am not currently over the big Three Oh Oh. That’s a huge landmark for me and not one I will be revisiting.

I was expecting to be back to 333 in all honesty. Because I haven’t stepped on a scale in almost 4 months and I have basically been less than half-assed about the whole thing. The fact that I didn’t see the Three Oh Oh means that, mentally, I don’t need to have a pity party. Don’t get me wrong, 300 is not a terrible number and nothing bad would have happened to me if I had seen that number on the scale but I know in my head I would be processing it as a “no turning it around” zone for a bit (even though it’s totally not, and nothing more than another number).

I have been drinking a ton of water this week! Haven’t had ANY Diet Sodas until tonight and only as a celebration. I am having a Diet Root Beer (and I don’t even like root beer!) but it tastes good, albeit REALLY sweet, and I wanted it. I am also still a non-smoker! I also ate Lean Cuisines for lunch 2 days in a row and had a salad one afternoon. I also went out to eat one time this week and had a grilled chicken entree with a side of broccoli and grilled squash!

I call ALL of this a victory and it all puts me one rung higher on the ladder to my goal. WOOT!

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