Weight Loss Television: A List of My Favorite Shows!

I just saw a commercial for “Extreme Makeover: The Weightloss Edition” and am kinda excited.

Some of these shows have inherent political problems and some of them are actually quite sexist but I do love me a good before and after. Here is a list of some of my favorite shows dealing with weight loss, both past and present:

1. Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition – Love this show for it’s fantastic before and after. Unlike “The Biggest Loser”, you get pretty immediate results since the show ends in an hour. I also love the trainers there.

2. The Biggest Loser – Admittedly, I liked the biggest loser before they started bringing on Anna Kournikova and other “celeb” types. Love Alison Sweeney since I know she has gone through her own weight loss struggles. I did, however, HATE the last season and all of the ugly drama and sore loser types. I actually quit watching it for several episodes because I just felt like they were focusing on the individual personalities of the drama queens and not as much on actually helping people lose weight. I do love me some Dolvett Quince though! He seems pretty amazing.

3. “Fat Camp” on MTV –  This one is more of a teenage-focused show but I do appreciate that the counselors at the Fat Camp focus on getting the kids moving and feeling better about their self esteem.

4. “Heavy” on AE –  I loved this show since it focused on super sized people, not just people who had 50 pounds to lose. The only thing that broke my heart here was that so many of the people who had lost weight at the clinic went home to families who were eating Wendy’s cheeseburgers in their face. Talk about lack of support!

5. “Ruby – The Inspirational Weight Loss Story” –  I don’t really know what happened to Ruby but I don’t think her show is on any longer. I know she had gained a little of her weight back but I hope she isn’t creeping back up to her pre-loss weight. I loved this show. Ruby was really sweet and genuine and funny as hell.


I have been known to DVR all of these shows! What are your favorites?

  2 comments for “Weight Loss Television: A List of My Favorite Shows!

  1. ash
    June 3, 2012 at 6:11 pm

    i think ruby’s show got cancelled,( maybe due to the fact that she was gaining again) which is sad because that’s real life, most people go up and down, or if there like me, are a complete rollercoaster ride. But i loved her show and she came so far from where she was at her heaviest, all without resorting to surgery which is great to see.

  2. Kittygrrl
    September 8, 2012 at 12:54 am

    I watched all the episodes for Heavy when it was on last year?? Time is going by so quickly, I don’t remember. But I loved that show! It would be great to have someone cheering me on and telling me I could do it and scolding me when I fell off the wagon. Losing on your own (I find)can be very lonely.

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