Weight Watchers

I joined!

Oh, and yes, I’m well aware that it’s been a super long time since I’ve written.

See, this blog was supposed to be vapid. An all consuming plethora of ads that would make money for me, random fluff, and the occasional recipe. It wasn’t supposed to be serious. And then, all of the sudden it was.

The truth is, I need to lose weight. I need to be healthier. I need to be more mobile. I’d like an audience to do that maybe because I’m a little exhibitionist and maybe because I need the accountability. Lucky you!

I started Weight Watchers several weeks ago and have lost a total of 33 pounds as of this past Sunday. That’s pretty tremendous and I’m bouncing around in lots of little circles. I’ve been weighing and measuring food, counting WW points, reading recipes, and GASP! – even WORKING OUT! (cue the dramatic music!)

Weight Watchers Works. 3 W’s – I win. They should pay me to brand that. It could be a big ‘W’ with a little 3 as a superscript. like W3. It’s catchy. I like it.

Anyway, it works. It really does. It’s not hard and you can eat pizza. In moderation of course, but still…PIZZA!

I’ll take some before pics tomorrow and post and then make sure I update every so often. Promise. Kinda.


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