Window Shopping on When You Need a Boost

One of my favorite things is to “window shop” on or Pinterest when I am feeling bluesy. Today I am so overwhelmed with diet and work stuff that I just want to escape into a pile of books or walk down a street by myself peering into windows.

Instead of blowing money or cramming my face with pizza, I’ve been looking around on and made a wishlist for myself. You can check it out in the lower right hand corner. I have added some exercise equipment, books, and bobbles so you’ll have a better idea of what makes me tick.

These wishlists are also a great idea for birthdays and anniversaries if you are with a partner who needs a little help!

  1 comment for “Window Shopping on When You Need a Boost

  1. Kittygrrl
    September 8, 2012 at 4:00 am

    I’ve always wondered why I can literally shop all day without eating. This may be one of the tricks rich girls use to stay skinny.

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